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Established in 2018. We connect different ethnic groups in Malaysia and are committed to improving the Chinese language level of the whole country through Chinese language courses and campaigns.


What does CEF stands for? C is stands for "creative",E is stands for "effective" and F is stands for "fun". Students will develop their creativity and find bundle of fun here through our effective learning system.

Learning a new language brings you many great benefits. It will develops your creative thinking. That is because when you learn a second language, you are forced to fail everyday again and again. In fact, the more you fail, the faster you’ll make progress. This helps you with your creativity because the more you fail as a creative, the more you are creating,.

We implemented "easy to understand" yet creative teaching methods to help students cope with learning difficulty easily as we understand that learning a language from zero basic need proper and quality education guidance.

Besides from that,we have our own systematic teaching system which comes with student evaluation exam and regular practice exercises plus enhance language skills workshops provided to ensure students learn effectively in the academy.

Finally,we really hope students will get bundle of joy and fun here. Learning is not difficult when you have strong mind and determination that you are going to hit the learning target yet can have a lot fun with others students through our learning platform.


We hope you all the best in your learning journey. 

~founder, Madam Celine Wong

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