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What Our Students Say?


"I am very impressed with my speaking ability“

-Maizatul Mardziah-Teacher 

I started joining this Mandarin course since June 2020. It has been 5 months and i am very impressed with my knowledge and speaking ability now.

Friendly Trainer 

The trainer is really friendly, flexible and kind hearted. Whenever there was a word or anything that I didn’t understand, she will explained to me the best that she can and sometimes she gave me extra exercises for me to understand better. I can even now practice my mandarin speaking with my Chinese student.

They Teach Me Well

At first, I was scared to take this course as i was afraid that the test would be extremely hard, but i just took my test yesterday and it wasn’t really hard because they teach me well. I really think this course is going to be useful to me and i even persuade my sister to join.

WhatsApp Image 2021-07-20 at 15.06.19.jpeg

"I am confident i can continue to learn Mandarin“

-Maria Criselda-Medical Assistant  

I joined CEF Mandarin Academy since December 2020. I have zero knowledge in Mandarin language,but after attending classes in basic Mandarin and passed my 1st  test, I am confident that I can continue to learn Mandarin further. The academy provides qualify Teacher not only by teaching but also patience & understanding.


I took partime classes, and the Academy able to be flexible for student availabilities because like myself a working professional. 

Quality Teacher
There is a time when the network system so low,and unsatisfactory, it is quite frustrating to learn in zoom classes, but with my teacher's patience,  and to repeat lessons until we are able to understand. 
I wound recommend for those with zero knowledge in Mandarin to join the Academy. I would give the Academy 10/10. Many thanks to the Academy and it's staffs. More power to you all 

"Strongly recommend“

-Chan Choon Kit-Lecturer


Coming from a non-Chinese speaking family and having been educated in a Christian missionary school, my ability to read and write in Chinese is found wanting. And with the rise of China as a new economic powerhouse and the proliferation of China-made products in all aspects of our life, it is time for me to pick up some Mandarin.

Teacher always give extra 

I’m glad to have found CEF Mandarin Academy to achieve this objective with. The lessons are unhurried and the texts are mildly difficult, most suitable indeed for a beginner. The teacher is friendly and always has extra to give when it comes to explaining the intricacies of the Mandarin language.


I strongly recommend CEF Mandarin Academy to anyone, beginner or otherwise.

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