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Start Learning Mandarin Online Today! 

Whether you want to accelerate your career, prepare for study or improve your social interactions, our courses can help you to achieve your goals.

Our online courses are designed to be enjoyable and make the learning process as simple and easy as possible.We adopt small group teaching, focusing on interactive teaching. Our teachers are very experienced, qualified yet committed. 

Take any of our Adult Mandarin lessons available and improve your Mandarin speaking skills along with your grammar, reading, and writing.

Professional Mandarin Speaking Course

This course is exclusively focused on Mandarin communication skills. It is designed to be interactive and engaging, with a strong focus on student participation. In this course, you’ll learn to speak professionally and confidently in any situations. It’s an excellent course for career advancement and level up your speaking confident!

Intake:Jan/May/Sept/Nov 2024

Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) Preparation

Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK), an international standardized test of Chinese language proficiency. The course focuses on improving your Mandarin oral, reading and writing skills. Our professional Mandarin teachers will help you get a good grade through practices, revision and mock examination etc.

Intake:January/May/Sept/Nov 2024

Great Reader Program

This systematic reading plan is designed to train students master Mandarin reading and writing ability. Students will startup from learning most basic stroke order, to writing new words, making sentences, Mandarin grammar and essay writing.

Intake:January/May/Sept/Nov 2024

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