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Writing is an important and effective skill for self-expression, communication, and information gathering.

Much of professional communication is done in writing: proposals, memos, reports, applications, preliminary interviews, e-mails, and more are part of the daily life of a college student or successful graduate.

Great Reader Programme is designed to train students master Mandarin reading and writing ability. Students will startup from learning most basic stroke order, to writing new words, making sentences, Mandarin grammar and essay writing.

Why choose this course?

  • Quality Teaching: taught by trained and highly experienced teachers.

  • Systematic Practice: a series of writing exercises from simple to difficult level.

  • Mandarin Language Skills Workshops: sharpen your language skills through grammar, reading strategies and more workshops.

  • Assessments of Student Performance: Tests and examinations are carried out to fulfill the academic requirement.

Your are advised to first take a placement test to determine which level is appropriate to your level of Mandarin language proficiency.​

Program Levels

Beginner Levels​

  • Beginner Level

  • Elementary Level

In the Beginner Levels,students will be able to:

  • Read and write simple sentences

  • Write simple words


Jan/May/Sept/Nov 2024
8 months per level

1.5 hour per week
RM250 per month(<6 students)

RM200 per month(7-12 students)

Intermediate Levels​

  • Intermediate Level

  • Upper intermediate level

In the Intermediate Levels,students will be able to:

  • Read Children Mandarin stories

  • Write and understand simple sentences.

Proficient Levels​

  • Advance Level

  • Proficiency level

In the proficient levels,students will be able to:

  • Read Mandarin Newspapers and Magazines

  • Write texts about everyday topics

  • Write long stories and long messages

*Each level might take one or two months longer than the expected completion date to finish, depending on the progress of each class.

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