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Our Mandarin Courses

Young Kids in Class

CEF Mandarin Academy offers a diverse range of Chinese language courses tailored to the age group and specific

needs of our clients.  Our preschool and elementary programs are built upon three core principles.

  • Creative Teaching Methods

  • Effective Teaching Methods

  • Fun Teaching Environment.

We make learning enjoyable for children, fostering their interest in learning while they play, and cultivating a passion for learning.

Preschool Mandarin Programs

This program aims to introduce young learners to essential Chinese vocabulary, equipping them with the ability to both read and write basic Chinese characters. Tailored for children aspiring to enroll in SJKC schools, it establishes a solid foundation in Mandarin, ensuring a smooth transition into Chinese school.


Mandarin Courses for Kids and Teens

Choose from any of the Mandarin courses that suit your kid's learning needs and let your kid learn Mandarin effectively in a fun and engaging learning environment.

Mandarin Courses for Adults

Take any of our Adult Mandarin lessons available and improve your Mandarin speaking skills along with your grammar, reading, and writing.

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