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you’ve started the long interesting path called "learning Mandarin Chinese", but what should you learn first? Yes, That is Mandarin Chinese Pronunciation-Pinyin.

What is Pinyin?

Pinyin is the system of symbols for the phonetic notation of all Chinese characters.

Learn Mandarin easily with the help of Hanyu Pinyin!

It is very important for beginners to learn pinyin well. As we know that every Chinese character has its Pinyin,  helps both foreigners and native Chinese speakers learn and understand the language. 

When we learn words in Mandarin Chinese, we learn both how to say it and how to write it. You are not encouraged to just learn the Hanyu Pinyin. That is because many Chinese characters share the same syllable, you can get confused easily. For example, there are several Chinese characters have the pronunciation zài, such as 在(zài,at)and 再(zài,again). If you did not understand the difference in writing and meaning between 在(zài,at)and 再(zài,again),every times you hear the pronunciation of zài,you will find it easy to confuse.

Definitely there are a lot of benefits of learning Hanyu Pinyin.It allows beginners to start speaking Chinese quickly, to pronounce a word properly. Once you learn pinyin, you can begin to type Chinese on a computer.

Perfect your pronunciation of Mandarin with us!

This phonetics course mainly focuses on Mandarin pronunciation strategies. Phonetic teacher will demonstrate the skills of pronouncing initials and finals and practicing will be organized in small group. 

Trainers will also help students avoid common pronunciation mistakes which is often make by foreigners and native Chinese speakers.


Why Choose Us?

  • Quality teaching: taught by experienced Phonetic teacher and former Mandarin news anchor.

  • Demonstration of basic pronunciation: Phonetic teacher will demonstrate the practical strategies of basic pronunciation(initials and finals)

  • Practice in small group: Students will be divided into a small group and guided by a phonetic teacher.

  • Classroom activities: promotes interaction and intercommunication in class.  

  • Assignment Enhancements: Assignment will be given to strengthen learners pronunciation skills.

What you will learn?

  • Introduction to Hanyu Pinyin.

  • Master the sounds of 23 initials, 24 finals and 4 tones as well as a neutral tone in the Pinyin system.

  • Understanding of Pinyin table.(pinyin table is a complete listing of all Hanyu Pinyin syllables used in Standard Chinese)

  • Special cases in Hanyu Pinyin.

  • What are some common pronunciation errors and how to correct them.

Whether you are beginner Mandarin leaner, or just tired with your Mandarin pronunciation mistakes, you are welcome to join us.


3 weeks

6 hours 
RM150 per head
RM200 per two heads

Course Outline


Module 1 - Introduction to Hanyu Pinyin​

  • Overview of Hanyu Pinyin


Module 2 - Four Tones

  • First Tone

  • Second Tone

  • Third Tone

  • Fourth Tone

  • Neutral Tone


Module 3 - Initials

  • 23 initials 


Module 4 - Finals

  • 24 finals 

Module 5 - Hanyu Pinyin Table

  • 413 syllables in common use


Module 6 - Special Cases

  • When ü is after j, q, x, y

  • i with diacritics above

  • When a third tone is followed by another third tone

  • When yī (one) is followed by a first, second, third or fourth tone

  • When bù (no or not) is followed by a fourth tone

Module 7 - Common Pronunciation Errors.

  • pronunciation of qu.

  • pronunciation of yu.

  • pronunciation of zh,chi,shi,z,c,s.

  • pronunciation of g,k,h.

  • pronunciation of ao,ou.

Module 8 - Nursery Rhymes in Hanyu Pinyin

  • Two tigers

*course dates are subject to change.
*please note that there is no refund and no replacement for any lesson(s) missed

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